Long Tube、Long Sleeve Auto Two End Select Orientation Machine + Lathe Full Set Feeder Series(New)

  • Can depend on customer's request to design.
Product features
  • Our this special development Automatic feeder machinery, settle the recently long sleeve can’t be Auto obverse or reverse orientation, and need arrange by human’s problem. And can be settle the same problem on the Vibrating Feeder.
  • For different specification product, only need change the bigger or smaller probe, easy for operation.
  • Use this Auto obverse or reverse orientation function, let the Vibrating Feeder usable for more product range.
  • One person can control several lathes at the same time, which saves human resource greatly.
  • This machine can change cutting Sleeve Square hole or Hexagon hole direct on the controller, no need to adjust again, one machine two uses, long sleeve or short sleeve all suitable.