Automatic metal cutting、marking、plotter machine series(New)

  • Can depend on customer's request to design.
Product features
  • The sleeve cutting, ditch, plotter can be finish in once, all mould use in common to solve the recently working defect that need two machine and two times process. And save more human & equipment capital.
  • Each mould attached the pressure movable adjust seat and have cushioning function to avoid the mould damage. Suitable for existing long sleeve, short sleeve mould.
  • Turntable speed is adjusted by gear wheel reduction device, and operation controller can move with the operators.
  • Counting with six-digit digital display with the function of setting number.
  • Controller functions: Forward-inch move, reverse-inch move, turntable speed adjustment.
  • Wheel of special steel material, Motor Gear hard drive structure.
  • Vibrating Feeder auto feeding orientation and can be add auto replenish pail.
  • Output speed : 100~250pcs / min