Metal Letter Engraving Machine

Product features
  • Letter Engraving Mold with spring pressure for adjustment.
  • Turntable speed is adjustable by Frequency Conversion Controller. The panel of controller can be moved by any position of operator.
  • Use Six-number of digital counter to set the capacity required.
  • Controller is for the adjustment of forward-inch movement, reverse-inch movement, and truntable speed.
  • Material of turntable isspecial steel.
  • Mold adjustable (moveable to adjust the height for long socket and short socket).
  • Use the structure of transmitted for motor gear.
  • Automatically select the direction of Square hole and Hexagonal hole of the Socket with high speed feeding.
  • Special conveyer for feeding to make the steady process.
  • Working with automatic vibratory bin feeder can steady the feeding speed of vibratory bowl feeder, and makes more accuracy for orientation. Meanwhile, save lots of human resource.