Automatic Elevator Conveyor (Large Type) NEW

  • Can depend on customer's request to design.
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Product features
  • Sensor: when it senses the vibratory bowl is empty, it will automatically direct the feeder to feed materials.
  • Controller: ①automatic up and down feeding. ②the feeding speed of the vibration storage hopper is adjustable. ③when the storage hopper senses its empty, the motor will automatically stop running, shutdown, and warn with the indicator light.
  • Rotating hopper: for convenience of vibration movement or the position requirement of various machines, the rotating hopper is designed to fit vibratory plate facilitate for future maintenance.

Partial Machine Photo

Traditional feeding hopper should be kept tilted for feeding. It has high-risk and difficult to operate. The new feeding hopper’s bottom is feature with an auto open-close design, as to send the parts directly into the elevator and thereby improve its safety and efficiency.

Automatic lift device is used to send the parts in the storage hopper to the vibratory machine through lift system.

Storage hopper device is primarily used to help the automatic lift devices to feed. Driven approach of storage hopper can be chosen to install according to the customer's needs (For example: eccentric motors, mainly apply to heavy work; straight-sending machine, mainly apply to the smaller and lighter work).